Monday, 11 February 2019
New Mexico abortion bill called 'most extreme in the nation'

Following the New York abortion law celebrated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Vermont is pushing a "right to abortion" bill that goes even further. But opponents of a new abortion bill in New Mexico say a proposal in that state would be the "most extreme bill in the nation" due to its far-reaching changes.

Advocates of the abortion bill that decriminalizes abortion in the state say it is needed in case Roe v. Wade is overturned, but pro-life supporters say it allows abortion-on-demand for any reason, taking away parental notification for minors and conscience protections from the state law.

"This bill is a Trojan horse backed by the national abortion lobby in order to establish abortion as a human right by removing so-called 'religious refusals' and turn every hospital, clinic and doctor's office into an abortion clinic or referral center," Elisa Martinez, executive director of New Mexico Alliance for Life, told Fox News.

Rep. Joanne Ferrary, a Democrat and co-sponsor of the bill, said it "simply removes an antiquated law that criminalizes health care."

But opponents of the bill argue that beyond making abortion legal all nine months of pregnancy, it also forces medical professionals to perform abortions against their will.

“HB-51 is the most extreme bill in the nation because it keeps elective abortion-up-to-birth, and also seeks to force medical professionals to participate in this practice by stripping away explicit conscience protections from the current statute," Martinez said.

The proposed bill would scrap this language from state law:

"Criminal abortion consists of administering to any pregnant woman any medicine, drug or other substance, or using any method or means whereby an untimely termination of her pregnancy is produced or attempted to be produced, with the intent to destroy the fetus, and the termination is not a justified medical termination. Whoever commits criminal abortion is guilty of a fourth-degree felony. Whoever commits criminal abortion which results in the death of the woman is guilty of a second-degree felony."

Ferrary said that abortions would be able to be performed under this bill through all nine months, even if the mother and baby are healthy because "abortion is provided for health care" and the bill is intended to keep "abortion safe and legal."

Six Democrats voted against the bill, but it passed in the House and Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has vowed to sign it if it passes in the state Senate.

On Tuesday night, President Trump urged Congress to pass legislation "to prohibit the late-term abortion of children who can feel pain in the mother's womb" during the State of the Union address.

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Posted on 02/11/2019 8:48 AM by Bobbie Patray
12 Feb 2019
C. A. Posey
This is devastating. I just read portions of it to our Tuesday night prayer group that meets weekly to pray specifically for our nation and for its repentance. We have prayed that those who are believers in Christ will rise up and demand that their Democrat senators in the NM state legislature defeat this evil. That you for keeping us informed.