Wednesday, 5 December 2018
Concerns About the Migrant Caravan

Facebook post from Gary L. Bauer:

As we noted earlier this week, the media have criticized and mocked President Trump for expressing various concerns about the migrant caravan. They objected to the president correctly pointing out that there were criminals and gang members in the group.

The media insisted the migrants are mostly women and children. They are not. They said the migrants were asylum seekers. They are not.

The media also downplayed disease concerns. But throughout America's long history of welcoming immigrants, we have always maintained a concern for the health of the people coming into the country in order to protect the health of our own citizens.

During the great migration of immigrants from Europe in the early 20th Century, those who did not pass a medical exam on Ellis Island were quarantined and put on a boat back to Europe.

But according to the "mainstream media," there's nothing to worry about, right? Well, maybe there is.

Tijuana's Health Department is warning that it has treated more than a third of the migrants currently residing in the city. Health officials report that they are treating people for lice, various skin infections, upper respiratory infections, chicken pox, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

And the situation is only going to get worse as Tijuana's mayor, Juan Manuel Gastelum, warns that his city is rapidly running out of money to treat the migrants. Meanwhile, we are having a national debate about skyrocketing healthcare costs in the U.S.

For Christians who may be struggling with the moral implications of the migrant debate, I encourage you to read this column by Jennifer Canales, an American missionary serving in Honduras.

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Posted on 12/05/2018 8:42 AM by Bobbie Patray
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