Date: 21/05/2019
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Fox News Contributor Andrew McCarthy: Mueller Isn’t In A Hurry To Wrap Up Investigation

President Trump said Wednesday he wouldn't be opposed to a possible pardon for former campaign manager Paul Manafort, whom he called "brave," days after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office claimed he violated his plea deal by lying to prosecutors.

Andrew McCarthy, bestselling author, contributing editor at National Review, Asst. U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York & Fox News Contributor, joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson and Marie Harf to discuss the Manafort trial.  

On Manafort being accused of lying: This is the most unusual interplay I think between a prosecutor and a cooperating defendant that you will find...In this situation we had the overplay of a pardon, which is unheard of in any situation, and the wacky insensitive that it gives to Manafort is because President Trump has signaled in his tweets things like how proud of people who stay strong and won't make up stories to satisfy the prosecutor and because he's discredited the investigation publicly, Manafort who is looking at least 100 something years in jail, his only way out of this is to get pardoned at this point. (1:27)

On his sense on what Manafort is up to: There's two sides to the story. There is that story, which is what's been submitted to the court, that Manafort has lied to the prosecutors and they have torn up his agreement. And then there's Manafort's side of it, which is that he's telling her the truth, but it's truth that they don't want to hear.  That's the standoff. (4:09)

On a report that Manafort's legal team is briefing Trump's legal team: It's highly highly unusual. Let me be clear. It's totally commonplace to have a joint defense agreement among people who are being investigated in the same scheme. It's very unusual once one of them decides to cooperate with the government to have that person stay in the joint defense agreement because your interest is no longer the same. (9:33)

On the view that Mueller's almost done: He knows that Trump is not in a position politically where he can pardon people until Mueller's done with his investigation. So, I don't think Mueller's in a big ol' hurry to get done with his investigation if that is going to trigger a bunch of pardons. (14:00)

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