Frances Arthur

Frances Arthur settled in Middle Tennessee with her family in 1976. She had been in almost every other state prior to that since her parents were in the military. She well remembers watching Jimmy Carter being selected as the Democrat nominee for president that year since her family and she were very excited about a southerner being elected to the presidency! (Don't worry, this really changes direction before we're done) Frances graduated from Smyrna High School and went on to Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville to major in music education. She worked in the Rutherford County public school system for eight years as a music teacher and choir director. Being a member of the Tennessee Education Association, the very liberal educators union, Mrs. Arthur voted in every election since 1990 and has the "distinct privilege" of having voted for President Bill Clinton twice. (It really will change soon) In 1989 she married Dale Arthur. They have 2 sons, Benjamin, 21 and David,17

Mrs. Arthur resigned from the public school system when she had her second son in 1996. This left her in a quandry in the 1998 election cycle when, for the first time in her life, she had to select candidates for whom to vote based on their own merits instead of who the TEA told her to vote for. She finally did her own homework and realized the error of her ways (see, I told you it got better). Once Mrs. Arthur had studied the issues and candidates, she saw that many of the people she had previously voted for did not have the same values that she had. Since 2000, Frances has been very conservative and followed issues concerning her family.

In 1998, Mrs. Arthur began homeschooling her son, Ben, in first grade. Their family has been homeschooling ever since then. Her older son, Ben, is currently serving in the Army National Guard in the field of communications. David is in 11th grade and raises cattle on their 40-acre farm in Manchester, TN. Her husband, Dale is a car hauler and works out of Georgetown, KY. Mrs. Arthur teaches history, government, grammar, and debate skills at a homeschool cooperative. She works as a church outreach associate with TN Right to Life.  In her spare time, she's a wedding and event planner

 Mrs. Arthur is the Tennessee Eagle Forum Teen Eagle Leader.